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how can you win games online in madden 09?

when i play madden online i see opponents using simple plays but are able to be productive. if i use those same plays im not as productive as my opponents. its as if they are cheating. is it possible there cheating or is it something else? how can i beat them?

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    They practice certain plays and prefect them i would suggest doing that as well find a play or styles of plays that you like. Also if you call the same exact defense in a row they will react to that. But in order to stop them you have to firque out what they do or what they are doing. First off i would start the game by not blitzing just doing 2man under and cover 2 and cover 3 type of defenses. Now how is he beating you? Is he running inside outside our passing crazy? Firque out what he keeps on doing and stop it. For instance if he keeps on running inside go to a 46 if you have it and pinch your lineman. IF he is passing a ton on you go to a dime 3-2-6 and do a 2 man under (great pass defense.). As far as when you are on offesne if he blitzes you alot try some screen passes. Also use the shotgun and 4 widereceivers if he blitzes you alot as well.

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    just practice im currently 50-18 in madden o9 but ive been playing since madden 64

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    same element has got here approximately to me. I recommend listening to the guy above me, as a results of fact I have not got any theory what's occurring the two. i assume this is what happens once you're making your on line provider loose, yet i rather shouldn't whinge too plenty.

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    what i do is burn up the clock as much as i can. dont snap the ball until theres 1 sec on the play clock. also i constantly call audibles

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    practice vs cmp or vs human and u will get better i have 124-0 (w-l)

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    Simple as that

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