Why am i always seen as just a friend?

I've never had a bf and i'm 15. but i'm always just the friend of to the guys or i'm the friend of the hott girl. why do guys just not like me? this one guy told me that i was a 7...is a 7 so bad that it would make guys not like me? or is it cuz i have more of a little sister personality? cuz i do smile a whole bunch and my friends tell me i'm kinda like a little sister cuz i'm always happy and bright.i just don't know why guys never like me..........

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i feel like the same thing is happening to me, no worries! People have told me i'm just like everyone's friend...so maybe thats like the "little sister" that people see you as...just dont be afraid to put yourself out there more! i've tried to do that a little more and it seems to be working! :D best of luckk!

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    1 decade ago

    thanks for adding me to your contacts

    its good, you question things, I used to, when I was 15, and didn't have a clue for my questions.

    to be confident, you'll grow stronger, more attractive

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