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Fast forward to 2012, it's the republican national convention and the republicans are about to make some...?

history themselves this election. They have two candidates left standing and it's up to the convention to decide the winner.

The candidates left standing are Governor Sarah Palin and former Secretary of State Condi Rice.

Who gets your vote and why?


I apologize, this question is not directed at you Chi.

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    Who? Neither.


    Palin is dumb as a bucket of sand.

    Rice lied repeatedly to scare Americans into the lie based invasion of Iraq.

    Rice LIED and accused Iraq of having aluminum tubes needed to enrich their imaginary uranium.

    The IAEA wrote the following report stating otherwise.

    I do not support idots nor people who lie to start wars. Rather, I 100% oppose them.

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    Either would be great to me. Palin doesn't owe anyone anything. That's one reason I think she could make some real changes and bring morals back into Washington. As for Rice, I'd vote for her, but I don't think she has the desire to run.

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    Sarah Palin, because she still has ethics and morals, and most of all she is not a libotard reject. And as for all the Dems who say she is stupid please show me video of her being dumb as you claim she is.

    The only reason you think she is dumb because she has values. She has more political experience as a beauty pagent contestant than he did as a 143 day Senator. If you think she is dumb than she should be good enough to lead the sheeps who follow the actor Obahaama.

    Source(s): Definately not from a liberal fairytale
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    You know this is a bad question, because I doubt if anyone here has heard Rice's views on many issues. So the choice cannot be made without more information.

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    Would never vote at the Republican convention since I'm a Demorcrat, but if those two were my only choice, I'd vote for Condi - at least she has half a brain.

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    Condi! Hands down winner. She's amazing!

  • Zardoz
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    Neither are qualified to run a country. Why not vote for Ron Paul?

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    Never happen. Condi Rice has said she has no desire to run for President.

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    I see Rice... She'll be caring Bush baggage that will weigh her down, but I think that more people would have faith in her ability to operate on the world stage-

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