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Should I buy my grandma, grandpa, and great-aunt a hamster?

They're very kind people, but my grandpa can be a bit clumsy at sometimes. My science teacher is offering $2.50 for a hamster he bred himself, and they look adorable! Should I buy one for them? And if I do, should I get one or two? (If I get more than one hamster, they will be the same gender because I'm afraid they can't handle hamster babies.)

Thank you!

PS. This is a present for Christmas and I will buy the supplies separately.


They are pretty bored at home and have nothing to do besides watch television and eat. They have owned a lot of pets before (including rats, fish, and cats), but they couldn't afford one recently, bad economy. They're not big fans of 'granny-activities' such as knitting, sewing, and spending hours cooking. :D Thanks for your answers, I'll keep them in consideration.

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    That is so very nice of you to consider buying a gift for your relatives. However, hamsters make much better pets for kids than they do for adults, and in general, pets should never be given as gifts.

    I'm sure they'd appreciate it much more if you took the time to make them something- pick up a book of crafts from the library and personalize some gifts to give to your relatives. :) Hand-made gifts are the most special gifts of all!

  • Hamsters are great pets for kids, but few adults would want one. Unless you're absolutely sure that your relatives want a hamster, don't give them one. Pets are not good gifts. Since pets require a lot of effort to care for, they should never be given as a surprise.

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    Well really you should ask them they may not want one ,read up on everything on hamsters so they can be tame if they are loney get them a cat lol but hamsters are nice

    BTW- don't put two teddy bear hamsters in the same cage they will kill each other

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    i don't think so older people don't like small things that run around.

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