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Feeling unwanted in Gym Class!?

I'm in grade 8, and well during gym or whenever we play a soccer or a volley ball game in school , (which is baisically every day, and we have 45 mins more on thurs & fridays ) And i really hate it, i hate going to school because of that, because every time i get the ball, i always like miss, or aim it the wrong way, but im always trying my best. Whenever i kick the ball the wrong way or something, my class is all like " GET OUT, YOU FCKING SUCKK" and all this stuff. And in volleyball, they always tell me that i suck and they want me to get out of their team. And i do want to, but then the teacher makes me play again..

WHAT DO I DO ! ? :(

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    Practice dude, take a soccer ball and dribble it around in your back yard and take a volley ball, find a wall and hit it off the wall. practice makes things better. good luck dude.

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    are you acting stupid/bad at sports to get the boys to think your "cute"?

    just try harder!!

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