The iPod Touch...? ..?

What are the pros/cons of the Touch?

Tell me anything you think I should know about it...I'm thinking about asking for a Touch for Christmas but I'm still not completely sure...

help please :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Well first of all, if you're getting a iPod Touch, get the 2nd generation one. It is much faster and leaves the 1st G in the dust. And if you have a lot of music, get at least the 16GB one. The 8GB doesn't last very long.


    Touch screen, very cool

    Large number of apps

    Isn't too pricy, it's gone down a lot

    Security on the Touch is good, password e.t.c

    Fairly responsive, doesn't glitch often

    Battery life is fairly long, about 36 hours for audio


    The screen can get damaged quite easily

    The size is fairly small compared to the classic (which can be bought for the same or less price)

    Overall, I suggest you get a 2nd G 16GB iPod Touch. There is currently nothing else in the market that can compete with it. Besides, it's good for showing off to friends. =)

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