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How to control Dizzy spells when your by a guy you like.?

I know this sounds stupid. But how do i stop getting dizy around a guy that i like .. Its hard to conistrate on what im doing when im by him. I want it to be normal. Not to long ago i was purfectly fine around him , i didnt blush/dizzy i was fine. I would talk to him all the time. But now all of sudden im acting strange. What to do?

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    Prepare your self before you talk to him.

    Remember the feelings you don't want, then try not to feel them. Try to understand why your feeling dizzy? Is it because your nervous, and don't want to say anything stupid? Are you insecure with how you look?

    Once you've found out why you get dizzy, try to ignore what ever it is that is bothering you.

    Shake it off, you know. Throw your arms out, stretch lol just get ready. Then when you see him, just play it off cool. Be like "yeah I know what I'm doin". Be confident, cool, and of course yourself!

    Just do it!

    Tell yourself that. It works for me ; - )

    I hope I've helped!

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    breathe- i know that that sounds weird but seciously if you concentrate on breathing then it can't get faster, your heart can't get faster, and then you'll be in more control of your thoughts

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    Just try to focus... try the best you can... you can do it.


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