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What is racism and how can it affect people?? plz answer bak asap?

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    racism is like if u say u hate black people its happens wen u say something bad about someone nationallity or ethnicity or race wateva u want to calll it but i can affect people because like they are talking badly about them which hurts everybody i know because racism has affected me before like im mostly white and kids and schoool would not think im mixed with black n stuff cuz im not really ghetto or anything like that

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    Racism is a speck in someone's eye. A glitch in their perception. I call it "eye-trouble".

    Racism is true ignorance, and is hypocracy.

    It's founded on motives and perception of pride, hate, a "being better than".

    Racism sees and rejects something that really is'nt even there. Only exists in sight and perception.

    Racism is one aspect of the "pot calling the kettle black".

    Man looks at the outward appearance. God looks at the heart.

    To the same degree that we judge others, so shall we be judged.

    The cure for racism is in the mirror.

    Only look at self when judging.

    Realizing that we all sin and fall short, and noone is better than another.

    Just some are forgiven, and forgive others.

    The cure?


    Love everyone (choose to), forgive always.

    God is Love.

    All else is just else.

    Love is a choice.

    Racism is total ignorance, and ignorance of truth.

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