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What are some current examples of social injustice in the US?

Some examples I have already are, depending on how you feel, are:

Yes on Prop 8

Welfare System

I need some more so I can pick one to write a persuasive essay on it. Thanks


Ok, not the welfare system in general but rather the fact that those who are lazy still recieve money even thouigh they could try to get a job.

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    The way in which women are viewed in today's society is a social injustice. Hillary and Sarah, both women of power, intelligence and political experience were scrutinized daily for their clothes. Hillary's pantsuits and Sarah' dress money both became the top topics regarding their campaign. By making light of the two women they were reduced to jokes rather than taken seriously. This is the plan that sexist men have for women seeking power.

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    The welfare system is not an example of social injustice, it is quite useful and it is a misconception that only lazy people are on it.

    Every person I know who is on disability is quite disabled and it ruins their lives. It would be barbaric to get rid of it just because a few people are taking advantage of it, and leave these truly disabled people out to rot.

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    The most horrific examples of social injustice in the US are:

    1. The change in the bankruptcy laws which made it more difficult for people to file for bankruptcy and get a discharge, and added unnecessary expense and delay.

    2. The bankruptcy law changes that took away homestead exemptions for millions of people that need to keep their homes from going to unsecured creditors.

    3. The doctrines carved out by the US Supreme Court that prohibit "lien stripping" so that mortgages cannot be reduced to their current value so that people who owe a first mortgage can at least strip the lien down to the current value of their homes and then readjust their mortgage payments to make staying in their homes affordable.

    4. The abuses by the banking industry that turned the credit card business from being a business that generated reasonable profits to obscene profits; and then the banking legislation they got through Congress that forced people to make higher minimum payments without any prospect of ever paying off their unsecured debts.

    5. The bailout of whole industries and banks at the expense of the people who least can afford to pay for it, that is the taxpayers.

    6. The utter failure of the government to regulate the most prolific and scandalous of speculators, the hedge funds, who are largely responsible for over inflating the mortgage backed securities so that they sold for far greater than their worth, and then the eventual crash when they pulled out and then invaded the oil markets thus driving the price of crude oil way past reasonable rates; and in turn forcing the price of gasoline up which so thoroughly and hatefully trashed our economy that it destroyed virtually all consumer confidence; and drove the price of food so high worldwide that it incited economic famines.

    7. The utter failure of government to properly regulate the mortgage lending industry so that banks were compelled to lend money to the worst of all possible credit risks including and especially speculators, who drove housing prices up and put people into homes they could not afford, using sleazy financing plans not seen since prior to The Great Depression.

    8. The utter failure of government to control its tax strategies and instead back Joe Sixpack and Joe the Plumber instead of Joe the Stockbroker and Joe the Banker.

    9. The utter repeated failure of government to deliver healthcare programs and initiatives that were intended to benefit the people would could least afford healthcare, instead of the pharmaceutical industries and the health care industries who profit enormously from what amounts to subsidies to them and not the sick and helpless.

    10. The utter repeated failure of government to at least stand aside when private industries grow to approach problems in responsible and meaningful ways --- vis the COMPLETE ATTACK ON THE DEBT CONSOLIDATION BUSINESS. Have you noticed that the US Government has moved to shut down even the most honest debt consolidators, so that people can't even find ways to repay all of their debts in a reasonable fashion?

    11. The utter and repeated failure of government to support debt forgiveness tax breaks so that the tax payers who are facing mounting debts can renegotiate writeoffs and pay back a portion fo their debts deferring the rest.


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    How about the injustice of illegal aliens being allowed to remain here and drain the American taxpayer?

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    The legal system.

    How you get less time for being caught with powder cocaine, than if you are caught with crack cocaine.

    How for being caught with a lil bag of weed, you loose all rights to federal student aid, federal housing.

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    Racial consideration in college admission process. The best students should get in regardless of color.

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    I think that those that were factually innocent that got punished for crimes they didn't commit are a great example for that.

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    gays not being allowed to adopt children in some places. transsexuals in ohio not being allowed to alter their birth certificates. cleveland city schools. its and politics is the biggest one. i bet oprah or bill gates can see the president if they want.

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