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Number of points off a license? ?

Okay awhile back I had gotten a speeding ticket and the cop was a prick, giving me 4 points off, with no previous offenses and not listening to my story of how I just passed a damn car and had not reduced speed yet. wahtever.. anyways, I had gotten another speeding ticket with 4 points off (doubled with a probationary license) and that would've given me 12, losing my liscene altogether. Well, he marked me as going 20 over the speed limit, which i was CERTAINLY NOT, therefore I fought this ticket with another lawyer.

I just got the mail back today, stating that my deal is 160 fine with 3 points off. listed as ten over.

The problem is my aunt thinks this means the orignial 4 points is doubled (8) and then the 6 is as well (3) meaning I would lose my license anyways.

Is this true? Is this how they make deals.. how is this a deal? when either way I'm losing my license.. I personally think this is a load of bullshit.. I'm at college right now and I need to be able to drive to get home for the holidays, seeing as no one will pick me up.

Somebody please explain this to me... and if I can fight it again to get it fixed or what I can do, if anything?

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    u will not get pick up for a traffic ticket. call ur dmv and see how many points on your license.

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    Straight to jail.

    This is what you get.

    You were speeding. Then you get pissed at the cop, for speeding.

    Then you speed again.

    On a probationary license.

    You have about 3 years of growing up to do.

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