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Good books to read around Christmas (besides the Christmas Carol)?

I'm looking for some books to read in December to get into the holiday spirit. Besides the Christmas Carol, what are some some good ones? No little kiddie picture books, please. The book doesn't have to be about Christmas...just a story taking place around Christmas. I'm 15 years old


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    Helter Skelter- it's a good 'family' tale.

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    Miracle on 34th Street, The life and adventures of Santa Claus (Baum), Miracle and other Christmas stories (Connie Willis), Hogfather (Pratchett), and The polar express A full house : an Austin family Christmas and The twenty-four days before Christmas : an Austin family story. a collection of Christmas stories by Newbery winning authors

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    Skipping Christmas by john grisham

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    if you're speaking about me spreading some cheer, i develop into attempting to cheer myself up as i'm at residing house by making use of myself and that's Christmas and that i had no man or woman to percentage it with, i can not attempt this back, have a foul day

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    The Gift of the Magi...

    very sweet and romantic...

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