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Japanese thoughts on WW2?

I've asked this before but never had much of a response, which is not surprising really....

I lived in Germany and found ppl there were very very apologetic about the war. At school they learn about the holocaust and the history is quite understood and of course something they are not proud of.

My question is what is Japan like in this regard? Do they learn accurate history about ww2 and the role they played? Do they learn about the millions of innocent civilians they massacred, pows they tortured and treated like animals?

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Japan at all, its all the past to me. Just very curious.

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    The answer is no. They are not nor have they ever been sorry for all

    the atrocities they committed. Unlike Germany where these crimes

    were the product of Nazi Policy, In Japan the government allowed it and

    the peopled cheered for it, but it was done by inviduals and groups of

    soldiers who found pleasure in death torment, and torture. Japanese

    schools dont even acknowledge these things.

    Source(s): athiests against moral turpitude and ignorrance
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