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Things that help stress?

What activites are good for eliminating stresss? i need ideas!!

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    Exercise, bubble bath, listening to soothing music, talking about it with a friend, go outside in nature, thinking positive thoughts, read a good book, help someone who is in need, paint, draw, pound some clay, meditate, scream into a pillow, cry, watch TV, have a cup of herbal tea, down for 15 minutes and when you get up think of it as a new day, leave the stresses for a few minutes, calm down, and come back and deal with it when you are calm, write a letter to what/who ever is stressing you out explaining your true feelings about it/them and you can send it or not

    These are just a few things I do.

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    Ripping up a phone book.







    Eating something good.


    Screaming into a pillow.

    Punching a Pillow or something soft that wont hurt you or anybody else.

    Doing something creative.



    Watching T.V

    Watching a movie.

    Going out with friends.

    Going on a date.

    Getting your nail or dair done.


    Getting something done you really want to get done.

    Postive self talk.

    Playing with kids.

    Playing with pets.

    Being in your favorite place.

    Drinking something good.

    Thinking about good things.

    Being some place beautiful.

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    infrequently something somewhat stresses me out anymore like it used to because of the fact I practice feng shui and study tai chi. the two one among those comprise super tension relievers. regarding the only element that bothers me incredibly is site visitors. the different is my interest. I artwork at a call middle doing tele-surveying. usually, i'm getting nasty respondents. I relieve all that tension with my practices, although.

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    exercise is good and sleep well,eat good and when u feel stress get out of the house and go for a walk.

    good luck

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the best one is SEx


    if u dont know about it I'll be happy to teach you

    hehehe (kidding)


    usually all the sports or phisical activity are very good help (for stress)




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