Can I travel across state lines to buy a firearm and bring it back to New Jersey?

For example if I travel to Deleware to buy a firearm can I bring it back to New Jersey?

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    1 decade ago
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    Check this site for gun laws pertaining to NJ & DE. There is also a section on interstate transport of firearms.

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    Only in a commercial vehicle. Then it is not illegal. But you need file a form for the other Sate to pay your State the road tax money off it. Then file a quarterly statement. So if operating a commercial vehicle in 1 State only to save paper work it can be best to do for tax reasons. Or could become illegal to do on road tax laws for use. So some transportation companies only want Fuel bought in 1 State for tax reasons. And paper work problems.

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    Yes, do it soon. Gun sales have tripled in the last week.

    If by chance you are pulled over after the purchase make sure to tell the police officer immediately. "I have a gun under the seat but, its not loaded". Or "gun is locked in glove compartment".

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    The supreme court says you can. Better do that quick before BO says what the supreme court says doesn't mean S HIT.

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