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Who else was disappointed by KG taunting Jose Calderon?

I'm from Chicago, 19, and I've been a die hard bulls fan for as long as I remember. I grew up watching KG and I loved his passion and winning attitude, and I was really happy when he got his ring. But when I seen him taunting Jose in the youtube video that was really low I thought. I know he plays mind games to give him the edge but this was over the top. I thought he was better than that. All in all, I wondered how others thought about this thing going around?

also, im not saying i hate KG or hes not good, im saying im disappointed in how it seems that celtics went from great winners, to cocky brats....of course Ray Allen has still stayed classy

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    I was very surprised at K.G for doing that, to me he had always been humble and intense sometimes, but I really lost alot of respect for him when he went at Caldron, I mean I seen KG getting into fights with other teams, but it's never unprovoked with K.G., but he kinda crossed the line the way he went at Caldron and literally taunting in the face. I guess Celtics "Pride" is infectious like when Paulie Pierce proclaimed himself the "best" player in the NBA.

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    i like Calderon. He can bypass, shoot and does not turn the ball over. yet he's not an MVP yet, no longer even interior the jap convention (ie: D. Howard, Lebron). Jason Kidd is distinctly much averaging a triple double this 12 months (11.3 pts, 8.3 rebounds, 10.4 ast). with the intention to declare Calderon is greater helpful than Kidd at this factor is purely a splash a stretch. whether, i might say Calderon will outplay Kidd interior the 2nd 0.5 of the season except Kidd is traded to a contender the place the helping forged is rather sturdy.

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    Yes I lost alot of respect for KG for his foolish actions. I am aware that they are cool with eachother and they talked after the game. I still think KG should not of been as childish as that in the first 10 games of the season. The only good thing that came out of it is a new really good rivalry between Toronto and Boston. I can't wait for their next game.

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    I love it. It's starting to get boring. It's competition and I like it when guys go after each other.

    Do you rather have guys shake hand after every shot and high five the other team when ever they make a shot?

    Why do you think people enjoy watching two teams that are rival? It doesn't matter what sport it is.

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    i am very tired of Garnett's "intimidating" act. Remember, Garnett was PUNKED OUT by Anthony Peeler in the playoffs a few years ago. And he was PUNKED OUT by Jason Maxiel last year in a regular season game.

    He is nowhere near as tough as he tries to pretend he is. When anybody stands up to him he backs down quick.

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    he has turned bratty and that was low

    and it was such garbage how there was no call on it.

    i would of loved if the raptors had won that game and then jose taunted him after he

    dont worry tho. if they make it to the finals this year, the lakers are gonna put the back in their place.

  • It was sad I don't care how many championships you have won, but you don't disrespect an opponent like that. Tim Duncan never does that , great player and person.

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    before he did that, I had a lot of respect for him, I was actually happy for him and the celtics when they won championship, but after he did that to calderon, I've lost a lot of respect for his classless gesture.

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    thats most big sport guys. they get those endorsements, win a championship or two and become jerks. it disappoints me as well.

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    dude its part of the game

    intimidating your oponents

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