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What will my child look like...based on genetics?

Me- I am white/italian..I have very dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. In the summer when I am in the sun I get super dark, and even in the winter i still have a little brownish tint to me.

My husband- he is hispanic, and is very light skined, although in the summer he does get tan. His hair is black/brown, and he has green eyes.

i am going to add a little about our moms and dads bc i know that plays a part also....

my dad- my dad is half italian/white and he is dark all year around, he has jet black hair and brownish/black eyes, he favors the italian side.

my mom- she is american and has honey colored hazel eyes and med. brown hair. she also has a normal skin tone.

Husbands mom- hispanic, and also light skined with green eyes, brown hair.

husbands dad- hispanic, but dark skin, and greens eyes, with dark brown hair

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    ummm you cant see which genes are recessive of dominant..... the kid could take from many of these features above, guess you will have to wait and see

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    you can use a punnett square to see what the percent will be, those are only chances though. Or, you can google recessive and dominant and it will come up with a huge list of items and you see which ones of your traits are recessive and those probably wont show up. the dominant will probably show up in your baby.


    Traits in the left-hand column dominate over those listed in the right-hand column.

    Dominant Traits Recessive Traits

    Eye coloring Brown eyes

    Gray, green, hazel

    Blue Grey, green, hazel,blue eyes


    Albino (pink)

    Vision Farsightedness

    Normal vision

    Normal sight

    Normal color vision Normal vision Nearsightedness

    Night vision

    Color blindness

    Hair Dark hair

    Non-red hair (blonde, brunette)

    Curly hair

    Full head of hair Widow's peak hairline Blonde hair, light hair

    Red hair

    Straight hair


    Normal hairline

    Facial features Dimples in cheek Unattached ear lobes "Roman" nose

    Broad lips No dimples

    Attached ear lobes

    Straight nose

    Thin lips

    Appendages Extra digits

    Fused digits

    Short digits

    Fingers lacking one joint

    Limb dwarfing

    Clubbed thumb Disjointedness Normal number


    Normal length


    Normal proportion

    Normal thumb

    Normal joints

    Other Immunity to poison ivy

    Normal coloring (pig- mented skin)

    Normal blood clotting Normal hearing



    Normal Susceptibility to poison ivy



    Congenital deafness

    Deaf autism

    Amniotic idiocy Phenylketonuria (PKU)

    Im sorry that the columns didnt come out right, you can still go to the link...

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    Brown or blond, hazel or blue eyes. they are no longer dominant over one yet another the way you think of, you rather have blue eyes with another hues making them hazel and that i wager you have imperative heterochromatia somewhat, and that i wager you're heterozygous for that so which you merely have one gene for that and a pair of blue eye shade genes so 0.5 of your toddlers could have blue eyes the different hazel. As for hair you have a 6% probability of donning the crimson hair gene, so your toddlers have a a million.5% probability of being crimson heads (till the crimson hair gene is shown on your loved ones and your better half's at which factor your possibilities of having the gene flow up). Brown often is dominant to blond however the complication is we don't understand while you're heterozygous or no longer and because your hair is mild brown you're seen to possibly be so, so the hair shade varieties would be intermediate between mild brown and blond. Ask extra definitive questions, like linked earlobes, Darwin bumps, tongue rolling, cleft chins, bent or at as quickly as pinky hands.

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    Well, list the dominant and recessive genes. Compare them, and whatever turns up that's what the child will look like.

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    It will be dark black, kinky hair, a big nose and fat lips just like it's father. And will grow up and get on welfare just like it's father. Hope this answers your question.

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    Your baby could be blonde haired and blue eyed.

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    My brother's two daughters with his blonde wife are so different that their classmates thought they had different fathers.

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    who knows

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    based on genetics... s/he can look like any combanation... you just gotta wait to see!

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    Your baby will be very tan.....very tan.

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