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When should I apply for financial aid for Fall 2009?

I just applied for ASU for fall 2009.

All I have to do now is retake my ACT and tell my high school to send them my transcripts. So basically, the application isn't "finalized." Do I apply for financial aid now, or do I wait to be accepted first?

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    Congrats for applying!

    You can't apply YET. Applications are not accepted UNTIL Jan 1st. I STRONGLY suggest you apply for Financial (FAFSA) as close to the 1st as possible.

    (some financial aid options are a first come, first serve basis)

    But in the meantime you can apply for a pin (like a account) to access a online FAFSA application once Jan 1st rolls around. Make sure to save this pin, it is very important and is a hassle if you lose it (i know).

    You can apply for financial aid even if you are not accepted.

    On the application, there will be lines to enter in school information. By entering in ASU's information and the schools FAFSA code, the government will automatically send the completed applications results to the school(s) you list.

    By the way, school code can be found either on ASU's financial aid webpage or by simply calling their office.

    Hope this helps and i wish you luck!

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    You wait to be accepted first, because on the FAFSA you'll need to provide a list of school codes that correspond to the colleges you've been accepted to. Depending on which school you confirm with, that is where the money will be sent. The deadline is different for every state though. Check out fafsa.ed.gov for the list.

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    i'm exceedingly particular that you do not. i have were given lengthy lengthy gone to varsity both as an undergraduate and a graduate student and that i have were given truly ever had to fill out the FAFSA as promptly as consistent with 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. as well the glaring undeniable truth that, I surely have never utilized and in no way used the business help that became into presented. truly to be particular, you may want to contact the business help place of work of the faculty you recommend to attend. they'd allow you to understand with reality what you're waiting to do.

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    call the financial aid office of the school you are going to attend. they'll have the exact dates.

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    The earliest that you can apply for FASFA is in January, so it's best that you do it sometime in the month of January.

    Good luck in college!

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