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What is your opinion of Agnostics?

just curious

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    Agnostics are seekers of the truth. Most scientists, philosophers and creators of all kinds are agnostic. Most want to believe in a Higher Power, but see no proof the one exists. They are probably among the most honest of all spiritual seekers as they admit they don't know any ultimate truth.

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    I'm an agnostic atheist... And no we are not fence sitters or indecisive.

    Basically to be agnostic means that you have accepted the fact that there is no evidence supporting the existence of god, or his non-existence. So you simply choose to live your life by your own means.

    I consider myself atheist also as I don't believe in god...

    But the fact is, I don't know. So for me to beleive it would take solid evidence.

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    Only an Agnostic can see pure abstract potential, a self aware consciousness allowing them a glimpse of a created reality.

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    I don't think they exist in the strict sense of a distinct position on the

    question of god.

    Either you have belief or you don't.

    If you don't, you are an atheist.

    If you do, you're a theist of some kind.

    So agnostics are atheists, because they lack belief.

    They can still be agnostic as it pertains to the lack of absolute

    knowledge on the existence of god, I myself would agree to

    this, but that doesn't make agnosticism a proper answer to

    "Do you believe that God exists?"

    Personally, I find them to be thoughtful, tolerant, open-minded


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    As a agnostic I believe there may be a power at work in the universe, but not the christian, or any organized religions, god.

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    I try not to generalize, thanks,

    The Agnostics that I know about, are great people. All in different ways.

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    I respect the agnostics that I've met. I'm categorized as an agnostic-atheist technically; I don't believe God(s) exist, however I do not claim to know that they don't.

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    As people in general I find them to be very tolerant of other viewpoints.

    As for doctrine I think they are wrong about the principle of "Revelation".

    They claim that no one can KNOW anything...In my opinion that is not a completely logical position to take...It is easy for God to reveal Himself or His will to others if He chooses to (after all God has all power)...and God has chosen to....both in the past AND in modern times.

    Why would they believe that NO ONE can know things...just because THEY don't know?

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    IJR just doesn't know how to feel about agnostics. IJR just doesn't know.

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    My best friend is Agnostic. I believe in the Source. It has been our topic of debate and growing for many drug-induced evenings of postulating!

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