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Can having too low of a progesterone level during conception cause the pregnancy to end in miscarriage?

I've had two previous miscarriages and the pharmacist told me to let him know when I start ttc again, so we can get the progesterone dosages started. I never had my progesterone levels tested in other pregnancies so I'm not sure it's the cause .I'm not sure if I'm pregnant but I'm feeling some early pregnancy levels and my period is a few days late. We weren't ttc but it's a possibility that we did.


pregnancy symptoms I mean.. sorry

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    This can be a bit of the chicken or the egg argument. Is progesterone the cause of the miscarriage or simply the symptom? Progesterone levels fall as you miscarry. However, if low progesterone levels are the cause of the miscarriage, supplements can make a difference.

    Some signs that low progesterone may be a problem:

    -- if you have cycles under 25 days

    -- if you are an in your 30s or 40s

    -- if you struggle with PMS or weight gain

    -- if you are stressed. Stress actually acts to lower progesterone levels.

    There are studies out there that show that in women who struggle with low progesteone, supplements can make a big difference.

    Check out:

    I hope this helps. I am sorry to hear of your prior miscarriages but I am hopeful you will have a successful pregnancy soon.

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    Yes. Progesterone is what keeps the uterine lining bulit up and relaxes the uterus. It is a very important part to pregnancy. If progesterone is too low a miscarriage can result.

    Most doctors do test progesterone with the blood test done in the beginning of pregnancy.

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    All the things they tell you to avoid when you first find out that you are pregnant as well as you body doing itself because something is wrong or not quite right. There are many reasons some can be explained like abusing your body stress or the development taking place in the F tube to something that just happened - said but true... a close friend of the family had that problem she could never get past 24weeks and the doctors could never offer a reasonable explanation

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