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What would happen if i left my strep throat untreated?

well i believe i have it again, its the 3rd time since july. i had it july, beginning of september, and now im feeling that horrible scratch and i know i will wake up tomorrow and will have an extremely inflammed mess of a throat.

when i was younger i would get bad ear infections (not any longer i got my adenoids removed) but they would pump me with high doses of antibiotics. because of this when i get strep they need to give me alot of antibiotics to get it to clear up, and when i does it comes back in a month and a half or so.

i know i need to get my tonsils removed, but my mom hates the doctors and hates surgery and just hates it all. she thinks i just need to eat better and i wont get sick. well i keep getting sick and i just want this to stop! i dont know what to do.

i dont even want to tell her i think i have it again cause she will get mad, she doesnt want me to get my tonsils out but i just dont want to be sick. my doctor told me if i get it again to see and ent which means even more money, and more drama!



yeah im 19, these tonils need to come out. i dont care about the recovery, i just want stop being sick!!

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    you can become very very ill if your strep isnt treated. your mom will just have to figure something out because you need help. you really should have those tonsils yanked, and sooner the better. the older you are, the harder the recovery.

    i had a similar history and finally had my tonsils removed at 16, and it was AWFUL. but no more strep since then! and that was a LONG time ago :)

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