can an employer not back pay you for never giving you a raise after they told you they increased your salary?

In march of this year i was suppose to go from 7.20 to 7.50, I was promised this raise and I never received that.

Then in May my boss (who is no longer at my center) told me I would get a raise from her from my current rate to a new rate of 8.25, then i could get a .25 cent raise if i took a class, so i took that class)

She told me my rate of pay was now 8.50, of course with my luck we have online pay stubs, which i had no way of checking because my boss wouldnt give me my information to logged on to it( even though i asked her multiple times)

I finally got my info to log on after she left and come to find out my raise is still at 7.20. I called and they said i only have a .25 cent raise on paper so theyll back pay my about $135 dollars instead of $715+.

Is this illegal, they never gave me my information to access my paycheck stub even after asking AND are not giving me my raise or full back pay

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  • 1 decade ago
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    without anything in print about the other raise amounts your pretty much screwed. its the new american way lie, cheat, and steal your way through life. maybee karma will catch up to them for being liars

  • 1 decade ago

    what your boss told you she may have not been allowed to give you a raise you should have called someone like human resources before you first asked for the info and didn't get it from your boss. so basically its your word verses paper work and it seems to be that would be the only retro pay you will receive

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you need to go to your nearest department of labor and find out what can be done. i would go down there as soon as possible.

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