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how many times should you feed a dog that weighs 100bs?

how many time a day, and how much?

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    All dogs should be fed twice daily. It is a lot better for their digestion.

    Amount fed depends on the dog. You start with the recommendations on the bag of food and adjust accordingly. If too fat then reduce amount, too thin increase.

    My Danes eat 2 cups dry Chicken Soup Large breed adult and 1/3 can of wet food in the am and again in the pm.

    Source(s): Dane owner over 25 years, Vet tech for 36 years
  • Vicky
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    I dont think it matters how many times a day, some people only feed once, others free feed a certain amount, and some feed their dogs 2-3 times a day. I feed mine 2 times a day. The amount of food depends on the type of food and if your dog is at a healthy weight. Talk to your vet.

  • Anonymous
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    We had a dog that weighed 100 pounds, he is a Labrador retriever. He lost weight, but we fed him twice a day with Iams diet it in the blue bag. He didn't lose weight because of the diet food, but because for a whole summer, one meal was 3/4 green beans or veggies and the other 1/5 was the diet food. The other meal was just the diet food. He lost about 10 pounds and now is very healthy. If your dog is overweight for it's size, you may want to try that. You could also talk to your local vet, and see what they say.

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    You need to give more information if you want a truly helpful answer. Is your dog full-grown or is the dog still growing? Still growing dogs should be fed more often than a full grown dog.

    Most full grown dogs should still have 2 meals, but the meal size needs to be appropriate according to the feeding directions for the dog for the food you are providing. Then you also need to consider your dog's activity level.

    How much food will depend on what you are feeding, along with your dog's age and activity level. Please update your question with this information to receive more meaningful answers.

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    how much depends on the food you feed. look on the back of the bag for more information. I think dogs should be fed twice a day, but some people go with only once a day, it's a matter of opinion.

  • Fancy
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    if the dog weighs 100 lbs it must be a big dog so you need to feed him 2 times day!!!

  • JenVT
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    twice a day. the amount varies depending on what type of food you use. Our DDB is 105 lbs and she gets 4 cups of Eagle Pack Holistic a day (2 in the am and 2 at night). read the package. it will tell you how much.

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    same as any weight of dog...twice a day is best. For growing puppies 3 times a day

  • Anonymous
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    ide feed it 3 times a day but only feed it a little.

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    Assuming the dog is an adult, two or three times a day. Large breeds can bloat more easy than small breeds, and so should be fed smaller portions more often.

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