What to look for in hospital delivery rooms?

What do you look for when choosing a hospital for a baby delivery?

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    I would say bed comfort, get a hottub room if you can it helped so much, and because you could be in that room for a few days... a decent tv... other than that It wouldnt really matter to me.

    mom of 2 daughter 15weeks

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    I gave birth in the same hospital both times (very nice one in San Diego, CA), but am now faced with a 3rd delivery in a whole new state, so I'll be considering the following:

    1. Not only comfortable bed, but ease of getting in and out - especially if you end up with stitches. The bed with buttons on the side to raise or lower, incline, etc are awesome.

    2. A bathroom. I don't know how common this is in hospitals, but it was wonderful having my own private bathroom in the laboring/delivery room - especially when you're in those awful backless gowns, are pulling along a drip and waddling like a duck.

    3. Cozy, but big enough to have room for some personal stuff. My hubby brought a small portable table & laptop. Add the suitcase, extra pillows (couldn't live without my Moshi pillows), etc can get crazy in there.

    4. Space for my husband to sleep the night with me in the room. In the hospital I was in, they had a one seater pull out sofa bed which was there specifically for the dads.

    The hot tub, rocking chair, mini fridge and tv are nice, but I never really used them - my first was an induction which means you're 'glued' to the bed and the second was a super speeding labor.

    Once again I'm not sure how all hospitals are, but the one I went to, they had the laboring/delivery room, but if they ended up being full while you were there, you'd get moved to a much smaller and less fancy recovery room.

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