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How Do I Figure Out What I Enjoy Doing? Any ideas?

I still have no idea who I am. and often wonder what i like to do...any ideas? I am creative and I think alot. I need activites that are fun and take my mind off of stressful things. I need something that i love doing.i'm 17 and a girl by the way. i don't really care about looks/apperance so shopping won't work. i want something meaningful and willl build my confidence.

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    I'm a 31 year-old guy, but it doesn't matter because many hobbies are not age or gender specific. I'm also creative and I think a lot. Here are some things I enjoy doing that a guy or girl of any age can try.

    writing short stories, journal, poems or even trying a novel

    puzzles (word, strategy, jigsaw)

    reading-for pleasure or to learn more about something you enjoy

    physical fitness-lifting, running, martial arts, biking, hiking

    invent things-first in your head and then try to make it

    try a new and exciting hobby-SCUBA diving/snorkeling, surfing,

    boogie boarding, fishing (if you're near the ocean)

    learn how to cook-very helpful for serious relationships

    drawing/painting-personally I'm no good at this

    get a telescope and learn about star-gazing

    research some quality films (past and present) and figure out what

    they mean. best if you have friends to discuss with

    ANYTHING that makes you happy is a good hobby

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    do you really think someone here can answer properly to this question?

    may be after we know a little

    but not like this

    if u want we know better

    u can IM me or things like that

    then after a few time

    may be

    i can give u an opinion

    dont u think?



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