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Do you think I will get my period?

First of all I know in the first 2 years of getting your period it is irregular. I had to watch Growth And Development Videos at school. So I know that. What I want to know is When do you think I will get my next period. An estimate please. Here's my info that will help you

Last Period: My first period was September 8th, lasted 5 days

Age: 1 2....1 3 in a month =)

Symptoms right now: Cramps that hurt a lil bit, sometimes get moody around parents, discharge once in my underwear, breasts seem bigger, peeing clear last couple days but now it's back to normal (I know clear means healthy but w/e), going to the bathroom a lot....

Since Monday I wore pads to school because I thought I was going to get it. Last time I got it was in the morning, like I noticed it when I got up. So please give me an estimate =) Thanks.


Could this be ovulating... isn't that when an egg is released? I don't know what it is but I'm tired of waiting...

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    well when you first get it, it really varies for the first year. no one can really tell. i'd say a month or two?

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    No estimate. I know its very fustrating because I've already missed it twice (of course its not because im pregnat i havent lost my virginity and i just recently started my period) just wait on it...thats all i can really say!

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    I don't really think you can estimate when you're gonna get it!

    I guess we will just figure it out when it comes..

    Good luck with everything though, and thanks for answering my question.


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