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HDTV digital question?

Ok I live outside around Toronto and before signing up for cable or sattelite HDTV service , which can be a 100 or more a month. I spent

50 bucks on a winegaurd UHF antenna and pointed it south at my windows and I recieve 22 digital channels and most are in high definition

from Buffalo and Toronto and the picture is stunning for sports and movies also I pretty much am getting the major networks from USA(buffalo) and Canada(toronto) all together for free , so is this worth

it to save money from the cable company?

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    Well, only you can determine if it's worth it to you. You won't get ESPN, ComedyCentral, CNN, or a bunch of others. But are they worth $1200 per year? Your decision.

    I know I've made my decision. Antenna only. Kiss cable goodbye.

    If you have a good internet connection, at least 3 MB/sec, you should check out and the websites of the various networks. There's a lot of free stuff online already.

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    If you get good reception from an antenna, the only reason to go to cable is to get the cable-only and premium channels they offer. If you don't need those, then skip the cable and save the money.

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