family friend(same sex)?

Ok, this guy i basically known all my life is a family friend of mine we kinda grew up 2gether.

anyway i've always liked him and that's been a really big problem for me. wen he moved i stopped seeing him as much as b4. he didnt move to far but still it was a hassle to get to where he lived at the age of 10 or 11...

anyway now im 18, he's 21(whoopdi doo age diff idc) and i just started hanging out with him again after 2 years.

i'm Bi and i have a Gf but i really like this guy

once thing i think i know is that he's 100% straight. but i can't get over him. im at his house now, he's sleeping on a coach near me and i cant stop thinking about him...idk what to do should i just try to bypass it and let it go or should i wake him up and talk to him...

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    Wake him up and say I know you straight but I really want to suck your well you know...lets say private. How do you feel about me. Honestly you sound like you might loose a friend. If I was you just ask and let him know how you feel.

    But understand he might

    a. want to punch you in the face

    b. throw you out of his house and never talk to you again

    c. give you some and say he's not gay

    d. take it in stride and let you know he is or isn't into you.

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    1. your BOTH 100% mentally, physically, emotionally ready.

    2. you know all the pro and cons to sex like even with protection there is still a risk of gaining stds or getting pregnant. you also know that you can get pregnant the fist time and gain std the first time.

    3. you doing because you BOTH are ready(#1) and not doing it to prove love or to keep someone.

    4. learn as much about sex that way you at least wont go in it ignorant.

    I"m 19 a female and virgin(god damn proud of it) with a bf of almost 10 months and I'm still not ready for sex.

    its your body you decide whats best about it but be educated on what your going to do to.

    " you can love without sex and have sex without love"

    e-mail me if you have any question, i be happy to help you

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    Wake him up! Talk to him! Tell him how you feel, if he likes you, and wants to be with you, he won't care what sexual orientation you are.

    But--- if anything happens, make sure you're girlfriend is out of the picture, you don't want to cheat, that will just make everything worse.

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    if he is 100% straight and there is no chance of him being gay or bisexual, i wouldn't tell him. if you think about it, you'll just get hurt if you guys can't be friends anymore because it is too awkward, you should just be friends and later on in life you may want to tell him. it's your decision though

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  • Well, if he is straight, then there really isn't much else for you to do....sorry....

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