My girlfriend is unsure about our relationship...What should i say?

ok. Me and my girlfriend are 17 and juniors in high school. 2 weeks ago, she decided that we should split up so she can decide if she still wants to be with me. She still wants to be like best friends for now, but she cant decide if she still wants to be with me in a relationship. We still walk to classes together and eat lunch together and flirt like crazy. We have been together for 8 months. I really believe the only reason is that she is getting nervous of messing all of this up herself. She has left a few other guys before me because she got nervous. She said she is afraid that if we get back together, we will just end up right back where we are. I dont see the harm in that. We will never know unless we try, right?

She seems so happy around me and she has let it slip on more than one occasion that she misses me and wants me back. But then she pulls back. Today, we were standing talking/flirting when she grabbed me by the pull strings on my sweatshirt. She pulled me up to her so our faces were right against each other. We almost kissed. I really think she wanted to, but she got scared. I didnt kiss her because i dont want to get in the way of her figuring out what she wants. I confronted her about it later. She said that she still cant decide if she wants to be with me or not. But i dont get why she is fighting it. It seems pretty obvious that she wants to be with me...How do i make her see that?

What can i say or do to try and comfort her/persuade her?

LEAVING HER IS NOT AN OPTION! i am willing to do anything. She is worth the wait, no matter what.... i just want her back in my arms...

Is there anything i can do or say???????????again. im not leaving her. so dont even try to tell me to.

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    take control

  • Wow deja vu or what!

    Almost the exact same thing happened to me and my boyfriend last year we were 17 and had been togeather 8 months I broke it off with him becaue I wasn't sure if I wanted him and was nervous to that I wouldnt be enough for him and stuff and I thought it was unfair to string him along while I took some personal space to think it over.

    When I broke off the relationship I explained everything to him and that I still wanted to remaim friends till I had sorted everything out adn he was cool with that at the time. I didnt see him again over the weekend and In thought on Monday that everything would be back to normal but when I went to say hi and ask him how he was all he said was "hey" and walked off for ages and ages I tried talking to him and being friends like we were before but he didnt want anything to do with it so In gave up and let it go.

    A few months later he sent me a txt saying that he missed me and wanted me again and all this stuff but by that time I was over it he wouldn't give me the time of day for like 4 months so why should I bother.

    Sorry I know this is long but what I'm trying to say is that I missed him so much and being away from him made me realize so much that i didnt want to be without him and how empty I felt without him. Druing those few months I tried so hard to keep the friendship up and still flirt with him and stuff but he never once tried to fight for our relationship. If he had who knows what would have happened. In retrospect maybe one of the reasons that I broke it off was to see if he was willing to fight for it to keep the good thing that we had alive.

    Just hang in there and dont give up by the way you talked about her it seems that it is really something special and worth the fight and a man who stands up for his woman is one of the most attractive things. maybe you could just try little things to show her that your still there for her, write her a letter, send her flowers at her home or work little things throughout the say to let her know that your thinking of her and that you still want her. Things like this may help her make up her mind and not be so nervous about where things are going. Maybe the reason shes fighting it is that shes not sure of what you want either?

    Love is worth the fight and the wait hang in there and never give up on what you believe in.

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