Am I a Democrat or Republican?

I am thinking of getting into local politics and i'm not 100% sure on which ticket i should run on. I supported Obama in the election But I also supported my governor for a second term which is a republican here are some plans i have if and when i run for mayor... keep in mind my town is a republican town and with only a population of 20,000.

I want to expand my town and offer tax breaks and property for big business to locate here and help create jobs.

I want to lower property taxes.

I want invest in making the city look cleaner and more attractive.

I want to make the streets safer by enforcing laws and cracking down on drug trafficing.

I want to get a mall built here and all major restaurants and retail stores built here.

I'm tired of people saying they need to get out of this town, i want people to be attracted to it and not want to leave i want to increase population and avg. income

thank you


The spelling may be a little off im typing on a lap top and its very different.

Update 2:

Also I am well known throughout the city as is my dad votes could be solid i just was giving some ideas to see where i would stand on becoming a politician. I want factories to build here and places like major restaurants to locate here thus creating more jobs and boosting the economy

Update 3:

The money issue I said i would give the companies tax breaks which would not be permanent just enough to get them started. the tax issue i would just want to push for lower porperty taxes. I would use fundraisers, rallies, etc... to help pay for the cleaning up on the city. The mall is just a propostion anything or any form of entertainment for the teens to do instead of going out getting in trouble etc..

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    Well, you sound business friendly and are clearly in favor of development. You also specifically note that you want big businesses and national chains to come to your town--providing large tax incentives for them to do so.

    Most of these things are consistent with Republican ideas of civic service.

    By the way, if you do plan on running for local politics, please note that it is the state that sets property tax rates, not municipalities. You might in fact want to know what specifically you CAN do on a city council or as a mayor or any of a number of other elected offices. They often vary from place to place. Moreover, in many cities, you cannot run on any party ticket.


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    Tell you what, Jason. First, I think you'd do better to run as an independent. That way, your ideas would be heard instead of being dismissed by one or both of the major party-ites.

    Second, don't just stop at a nice list of what you'd likes. At least do some studies on what it would take to do those things you are wanting to do, so you don't sound like an idiot if someone asks. This will impress people with your knowledge and preparation.

    Third, it would be a good idea to drum up support where you can before you file for the position. That way, you shouldn't have to work so hard, and will have help you didn't have to pay for.

    Fourth, don't promise things you don't mean to do, or things you might not be able to fulfill.

    Fifth, never allow yourself to become insulated from the citizens of your town; it's the quickest way in the world to become a bad politician.

    Good luck.

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    I would suggest a basic accounting class.I'm not trying to insult you or imply any ignorance. I think that most politicians need a refresher on accounting. If you are going to clean up the city, make the streets safer and invest in infrastructure, that all cost $$$. It's probably not possible to do all that and lower taxes. People make a lot of promises that are unrealistic when running for a public office. Most of which are most likely heart felt but unrealistic.

    As for your question. You didn't give enough info.

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    Republican. You want to help growth of business and keep taxes low. However, its more tricky than it sounds. Tax cuts are wonderful. But putting in a mall is going to cost money. It's a very wonderful idea you have going on, I wish I could do the same, it sounds like you are talking about my city. Except we have twice the amount of population.

    If you go through with it, your city WILL prosper. Think about all the jobs you will be bringing into the city too! I would move there.

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    Sounds like to want to make it more attractive for businesses, in that regard your a republican. Same with lowering property taxes and expanding retail centers---republican. But there is a whole lot more that goes into choosing a party. Good luck.

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    I want to expand my town (?)

    And offer tax breaks ("targeted" tax breaks?) D=1 / R=0

    and property (offer property? by eminent domain?) D=2 / R=0

    I want to lower property taxes. D=2 / R=1

    I want invest (other people's money) D=3 / R=1

    I want to make the streets safer by enforcing laws D=3 / R=2

    and cracking down on drug trafficking. D=3 / R=3

    I want to get a mall built here and all major restaurants and retail stores built here. (as a function of government?) D=4 / R=3

    i want people to be attracted to it and not want to leave D=4 / R=4

    I see your conundrum.

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    You're a Republican:

    1 - support for business and entrepreneurship with the intent of providing more jobs

    2 - tough on crime

    3 - support for tourism as an industry

    4 - lower property taxes

    If you aspire to mayor, better clean up your spelling and grammar.

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    Easy enough - Expand and offer tax breaks for big business - REPUBLICAN

    Lower property taxes - REPUBLICAN

    Streets safer by enforcing laws - REPUBLICAN

    Mall built and major restaurants - both

    Good luck and take care!!!!

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    It sounds like you have a platform that is shared by both parties. Cleaning the city, I think sounds more Dem than GOP, though.

    Think of it like this, I hear that to run as a Democrat isn't as expensive as running as a Republican, but it sounds like you might have more success going under the Republican banner.

    I'd say Democrat, but run with conservative ideals. Good luck!

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    Your views are pretty much conservative, and that tends to fall under republicans. Go republican, maybe democrats are better for satisfying our country, but when it comes down to smaller issues, the conservative and republican ways tend to work out the most.

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