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have two baby large mouth bass put them in my fish tank what can i feed them they are only about four inches ?

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    They should not have been taken from the wild. That's where they belong and your tank will be too small for them. Wild fish also carry diseases, worm, and parasites. I would return them to the wild and get yourself some real freshwater fish.

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    Large mouth bass get too large to keep in the home aquarium. If you live in the US, most states also prohibit keeping game fish in the aquarium. Largemouths are river fish and require at least 1000 gallons because they like to swim.

    On the other side, largemouth bass eat other fish. So, while goldfish and rosie reds would work, they dont have much nutritional value in them.

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    1 decade ago

    well because these fish are wild try to replicate there natural environment so make sure there are a lot of rocks and plants in your tank your can feed them feeder guppys but i would recomend going to a local bait shop and buying 12-24 minnows and but them in a small tank and the will reproduce on there own so they would make great food but if u live in a city goldfish or guppies work fine to!:)

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