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For people that got your dog as an adult, do you ever wonder about his past?

I often think about what my dog might have been like as a puppy and who his owner was before me, if they loved him, etc. I got him at 5 years old btw.

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    yes! I once adopted a husky mix @ 4 years, who had actually been a mother before. I constantly wondered what her pups looked like, what kind of mother she was, etc. I also wondered what she looked liek as a puppy, who had trained her, because she didn't know many commands, but she really knew the word "no", and stops immediately...very obedient, never gets up on furniture (I even invite her up sometimes, but she won't come up) so I assume that she had someone who taught her some manners. Also, her reason for being in the shelter was that "the family was moving"...but who knows? I always figured that when i move, my 2 girls are coming with me. Maybe there was another reason...maybe it was her, maybe it was the people. All in all, I know exactly where you're coming from

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    I think you can tell just by the dog acts with you, somehow. I had my female from a good breader - a woman took her when she was little and after a while decided she didn't feel like having a dog anymore because 'it was barking when she was away and not clean yet'. The real reason, I think, is that she is much bigger than the average chichuahua and has a longer nose (so out of norm chihuahua = you know what I mean?) anyway, the first time I took her in my arms she would 'hold me' so tight... Today, after what, 10 months, she is getting more secure but still I have work to do with her self confidence. She really is afraid that someone breaks her heart again... she's now 2.

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    Some I do. Abandoned dogs I've gotten before that were found out in the woods that people had left out there to fend for themselves. One we knew was a hunting dog just because of her reaction to guns but that was all we could tell about her background. Most of mine were rescues and I think I'd honestly rather not know the background because it would break my heart if I did know some of it probably.... I'm just glad that they were or are a part of my life.

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    yeah...the cocker I used to have as a child was a shelter rescue she was pregnant at the time but otherwise appear to be well taken care of. She was a bit of a princess too wanting to be inside, not wanting to be touched, not liking water or mud etc. I wonder if she was kept as a breeding dog.

    My other cocker mix came from a family that is downsizing and can't take their dog to the apartment. They think we would take care of him so they ask if my mom & dad would take him. they did. I loved him. He was the best and a total sweetie.

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    Nope,I know where the adults & pups I've gotten came from-other reputable breeders.

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    I sometimes wonder what my guys were like as puppies...but I don't wonder about his past only about his future.

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