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Is it possible for someone to put something on your computer and it tell them everything you do?

I am pretty suspicious that my computer may have something on it remotely sending info back to someone else of what I am doing, typing, and looking at. My computer was out of my hands for a little while, and easily could have been accessed by some people who were trying to accuse me of some things that I wasn't guilty of. I have tried using AVG, I even downloaded the trial of "OneCare" by Microsoft, and it says it isn't coming up with anything.

The reason why I am pretty suspicious, is because when I open the task manager, and look at the processes, there is alot of stuff, that I don't recognize as being major window processes that need to be running for the computer to function properly. And my computer is just slow in general. I defrag it, I just even added 1 GB of ram to it, and it used to be fast with only 520 MBs in it. Now its going really slow, even with the RAM upgrade, and all these new processes I haven't seen before under the process area. I have defragged, used AVG, used AdAware, and now I am using LiveOne and it says there is nothing wrong.

Any ideas?

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    Keyloggers can be difficult to track down, even for experienced users. Here's what I'd suggest doing...

    First of all, type something into notepad or whatever and then erase it. Make sure you don't make any mistakes while you're typing it, and make it something that you wouldn't normally type e.g. "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". If there's a keylogger installed on your machine then it's probably saving it to a log file somewhere, so search all files on your entire hard drive for that phrase and see if it pops up. Some loggers encrypt the text though, so it's not foolproof, but it's a start.

    Next, open control panel and go to "Add Or Remove Programs". It will list all programs currently installed installed on your computer along with the date and time they were installed. If there are any that you don't recognize then do a web search to see what they are.

    Next, see if any unusual programs have been set to run when you first turn your computer on. From the start menu select "Run..." and enter "regedit" to bring up the registry (be careful in here and don't change any settings). Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\

    Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run and look at the list of programs. Again, do a web search if there's anything you don't recognize.

    Next press Control-Alt-Delete and select the "Processes" tab. You'll get a fairly long list of processes running on your machine. It'll take some time, but do a web search for all processes that are running. Adding the word "keylogger" to your searches will probably help in the search.

    If all else fails then as a last resort I suggest fighting fire with fire: install a keystroke and mouse logger yourself! If someone's got one installed then you'll find out pretty quickly how they are using it, as well as any passwords they are using to get into it.

    A keylogger logs pretty much everything you type. It will log websites that you have been to, IM chats, emails, passwords, or just something that you typed into notepad.

    Here is a very small <3mb, free program by AVG, deticated to finding footkits and keyloggers.

    or use this free web application to scan your computer for any kind of threat what-so-ever.

    KeyLoggers can be software or hardware tools. So it's always possible that someone has installed a "hardware" keylogger on the line that connects your keyboard to the PC.

    For software, keyloggers have become pretty sophisticated and tough to disable. You need to go into your task manager (CTRL-SHIFT-ESC) and look at every process running on the processes tab. Search on Yahoo or Google for each item listed to see what it is. You might be able to narrow it down and disable it if there is one.

    try to scan using a Spy Ware detector, like AdAware, or SpyBot Search and Destroy.

    check the Running Process on the Task Manager...

    if there was a suspicious program than you just need to End His Task.

    open the MSCONFIG..

    (start > run > type "msconfig" without quote...)

    and check the startup application, check if there was a suspicious application, just uncheck it.

    Apply, and OK..

    restart your computer...

    hope this help you...

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    One thing you can do to check what's going in and out of your computer while on a network, assuming it's a windows computer, is to open a command prompt and type netstat -h you'll get the help files (the -h switch) for your network status. You'd decide which switch to use (if any) and then type netstat -p (for example). It's good to know what ports you have open and you can see the IP addresses of places you're connected to.

    Another way is to see how your computer is getting to websites. Use the same command prompt box and type tracert Tracert is trace route. obviously you'd replace with a real website name. What this tells you is the way that your computer is finding a website. The use of knowing that is that if you're being routed to China to go to a US website, then there's a problem. It tells you the IP addresses along the way to where you want to go. You can look up IP addresses through a number of websites: ARIN, LACNIC, etc.

    If you can't find command prompt, click start, run, and type cmd. The box that pops up is the command prompt.

    I don't know if any of this will help but it is neat stuff to know.

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    You are using 2 anti-virus programs that have real-time protection. This can cause a major slowdown. Choose one of Avast and One Care and completely un-install the other.

    The "something" that you are suspicious of is called a "keylogger". A good anti-spyware will detect most keyloggers. I would suggest the free version of SUPERAntiSpyware:

    Do a full system scan with SUPER.

    Good luck.

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    What are some of the process names?

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    yeah, keyloggers will definitely be able to access to all your computer activities.

    if u still have any doubt, this is a full of that kind of tools, have a look if interested:

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