How to go about a reverse adoption?

How can I reverse an adoption for my son. He is 3 and I let my parents adopt him because his father was not in the picture and it would be helping me out. Well, they have not been holding their end up as far as letting me continue to act as his mother. I would like to reverse the adoption now so that my son can be raised in a family with his mom, step-dad, and sister without the interference of my parents. How would I go about doing this? We are also military so could this be beneficial as far as a lawyer?

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    adoption is forever - sadly.


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    If your parents legally adopted your son then they are legally his parents and in the eyes of the law you are his sister, you no longer have ANY rights as his mother. Adoption is meant to be permenant, so you would not be able to reverse it now unless your parents were willing to give up their rights and allow you to adopt him.

    If you had just needed them to help you out temporarily and still act as his mother, and eventually regain custody, then you would have needed to give them temporary guardianship rather then adoption. I'm sorry that you didn't understand that before, and it should have been expained to you when you signed away your rights. Hopefully you can talk to your parents about playing a bigger role in his life, however, at this point they are his parents, all decisions reguarding him are up to them.

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    No. whilst the adoption occurred, the hot beginning certificates became the expert record of your beginning, ludicrous as that's given which you for sure knew the reality given which you have been 14. i'm sorry for the subject between you and your adoptive mothers and dads. curiously they lack the fortitude to work out an adoption with the aid of and be there for you. in case you think of they might consent, there's a tiny possibility which you would be able to all petition the State to revert on your unique, now sealed, beginning certificates. yet that could desire to contain contacting them and asking them to try this.

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    If your parents legally adopted him and your time period to reclaim him is expired you are out of luck unless your parents willing decided to let you re-adopt him. Frankly why would you have your parents adopt your son when you still wanted to act as his mother? You should have simple given them temporary custody if that was the case. A legal adoption makes them his parents now and they have the right to make any decisions for their child because by law you are no longer this child’s mother, you are now legally his sister.

    It seems either you didn’t fully understand the situation that adoption is not meant to be a temporary thing or you simple wanted your parents to take care of your child financial and be his regular caretakers but you still wanted to be his mother. You wanted your cake and wanted to eat it too.

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    *sigh* This is going to be very difficult. If you're parents said nothing was going to change, that you were still going to be his mother, etc and you've been acting as his mother, you may be able to get it vacated based on fraud. It's going to be very expensive. If you'd like, I'll try to dig up a case I found that sounds similar to this. The grandparents adopted their grandson so he could have medical coverage, but the mother still acted as the mother. The grandparents and mother had a fight, after which the grandparents refused to let the mother have contact with her child. I don't remember all of the details, but the courts vacated the adoption and gave custody to the mother.

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    I am sorry but an adoption is not reversible, it is suppose to be a permanent solution for the child's best interest. It is disheartening that your parents did not keep up their end with you in terms of your relationship with your child, however, in many states open adoptions are not legal therefore they legally would not have to allow you access to your child. Sorry to hear that things are not working out, possibly working out an agreement with your parents that is amicable for both sides. I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear.....

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    If your parents have formally adopted him, and any waiting period has gone by, I think you are going to be in for a fight that will most likely not be resolved in your favour. Speak with a lawyer but I don't think there is much that can be done.

    Good luck though.

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    If your parents are willing to, they can disrupt the adoption. But THEY have to be willing to. Otherwise, there is probably nothing you can do.

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    if you signed her over, i can't imagine it will be at ALL easy to get her back. adoption isn't reversable, unfortunately.

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