How can I convince my parents to move to LA?

Now here is the thing I have an 8 year old brother and I'm 15 1/2 I really want to get focused on my music career and work on my dancing and there is a really great performing arts school in La. Do you guys have any ideas on how to convince my parents to move to LA? Please don't leave comments like "your not going to be able to do it" please just help me. If I get the help I need at this academy I could be famous. P.s. We live in Ohio.


Also we don't have any family or friends that live there either

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    I hate to burst your bubble, but the High School of Performing Arts has a HUGE application waiting list. Too many young people think they can make it, if they could just: 1- Move to California. 2- Get a break. 3- have someone influential see their dance, or hear them sing.

    Now I ask you: Do you REALLY expect your folks to quit their jobs, sell their house, pack up all their belongings and just MOVE to California? There are no jobs here, anymore. In our local paper, we used to have several pages of "Help Wanted" ads. Today's paper had a total if EIGHT jobs. Eight jobs!!

    If your folks are working, then get down on your knees and thank God.

    In 2 1/2 years you will be 18 years of age. If you still want to come to California, you can, if you have enough money saved for 6 months of expenses, which in the Los Angeles area should be about $30,000.

    Remember, you will need: A place to live and utilities (there are hefty deposits for rent and utilities!), transportation (a decent car, plus insurance, plus gas and maintenance= $600 per month), phone, food, medical care. Gasoline out here went up to over $5.00 per gallon, although it was $2.57 two days ago, but, you never know!!

    Additionally, do you know just how many young people come out here, hoping to be "discovered"?

    I am sorry the glitz and so-called "glamour" of the entertainment industry has mesmerized you. Please realize that you are far better off, to take college prep classes, get into a good school and get your degree in something that will make you a decent salary. Sure, keep up the study of music and dance.

    Enter contests within those classes or are recommended by your instructors, and if your instructors see real talent, they can make recommendations to your parents.

    Don't just think by shear will alone, that you can make it happen.

    Sorry, real life doesn't work that way.

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    LA was recently at the top of the list for worst places to look for a job. If your father is a professional, he can use professional journal ads to see what's available or he can use contacts he may have. If he's not a professional, he wouldn't be making enough money to support a family, at least not in the part of LA that YOU are probably thinking about. LA is about the last place I'd want to live! Someday, after you finish college with a very useful degree and get some experience in that field, perhaps you could afford to move to LA yourself. You're not going to convince your parents to move if they don't want to.

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    That is a lot to ask for. While you are not thinking it may be much, you are asking them to give up their jobs, house, everything just because you want to go to a school. This school costs a lot. You need to realize that they may not be able to get a job that pays the same and it is more expensive to live in LA then in Ohio. California in general is expensive. You are asking for a lot. It may be a great school, but why don't you try local first? I'm sure there are some near by.

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    How did you hear about this school?

    You can't convince them to just up and move. Do they know that music and dance is what you want for a career?

    Print out some info about the school and ask them to look at it, then see if there's an on-line application you can fill out. If you can get financial aid, maybe the school knows a family in the area that could sponsor you. Your parents would still have to pay, but probably not as much.It's worth a shot it you're really that into it.

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    you are not moving... just accept it...

    your parents can not just up and quit their jobs to do what you want to do...... LA is a very expensive place to live

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