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Should I shave my head?

I am 35. I have never had a gf. I am balding. I will be bald. Should I shave my head every day once I go bald? BUT, I have a big nose and a skinny face.

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    If I could see a picture, I could tell ya.

    But theres nothing more than I hate than a balding guy with only a few hairs they are trying to salvage. Looks crazy.

    Maybe try ro-gaine? Hair transplants?

    Goodluck :O

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    A lot depends on where you live, it's getting colder out and some hair this time of year is nice. Live on the gulf coast and shave about 8 months out of the year. It's great to cut heat, and no bed head. If it's going to happen go ahead get used to it! You got what you got and might as well get used to it! I did.

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    i don't think u should shave completelly but the baldness would be less noticeable if you kept it really short and cut the front hairs )i thinks it's called widows peak) because it would contrast less with the bald spots.

    Source(s): nick arrojo said it once on an episode of tlc's "what not to wear" and the guy looked much better after
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    Well it depends. Do you like the bald look? Or do you cringe when you see it? If you like it. go for it. if not then don't. But don't make any choices that you will regret!! Good Luck!

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    i love bald heads, super sexy i say shave it now

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    having a gf b4 , Wat does it have to do wz shaving ur head ??

    Sorry i just can not figure out the relation..

    anyways , U wud look cute shaving ur head , i love bald guyzz !! =))

  • go get scalped dude

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