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I am a female and shipping off in January to be part of the US Army?

How are women treated in the Army? I've heard alot of negatives things...but aren't all soldiers are treated equally, right?

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    I have a very close female friend who was in the Army. She told me it's like any other male dominated industry where women have to work even harder to get the respect men would get.

    Go in with your mind set on doing your best and know that your contribution and efforts are worth equal recognition. Male or female, Americans are proud of their soldiers. Good luck and thanks for serving.

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    To be a female in the Army is a tough thing. In theory all Soldiers are equal, but in practice there are some that are stuck in the past. In my Unit we treated everyone the same. I guess it depends on what MOS or unit or where you are posted. In my old Trans unit I had a female Col, Cpt and 1sg so we were comfortable with female authority.

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    That should be how it is. But really you're a woman, most of the men do not want you there.

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    I don't know what to tell you but... Thanks for your service and God bless you and keep you safe!!!

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    hey, don't worry. u will do ok

    Source(s): 2 tours in nam
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