I have a nine year old girl who still wears diapers at night; is this normal?

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    It's not abnormal to have a child at his/her age still wearing diapers every night, I would at least make a doctor's appointment first to rule out a Urinary tract infection or other abnormalities. Otherwise continue to using the diaper's at night as long as she is comfortable wearing them every night.It's better that she gets a good night's sleep than being awakened buy cold wet sheets in the middle of the night and having to strip the bed to put on clean dry sheets.

    I was a bed wetter and wore diaper's every night until i was 13 or 14yrs old and i turned out just fine . Diaper's are just another form of underwear that absorb night time accidents

    Source(s): I also have 1. boy age 8 yrs old and 1. daughter 7 both still wear diaper's every night also they both asked if they could wear them for there bed wetting they both know that it' is inherited.
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    4 years ago

    So her speech is approximately 50% not on time it relatively is significant and you assume a toddler with severe delays to be pottytrained while a common toddler is? And fyi, the common age for a three year old female is 3-3.5. For a not on time toddler 4-7yrs. isn't it glaring that she is not on time? Why are you perplexed that some thing must be incorrect right here? Why might all and assorted commence pottytraining a toddler it relatively is so severely not on time? So a 42month old toddler that has the shape of an 18month old to 24 month old you assume to have the comparable skills as time-honored 42month olds. What interior the heck is incorrect with you? The question right here to agonize approximately is whether or no longer or no longer the toddler is getting amenities for her delays no longer approximately ridiculous pottytraining. Idk why the discern does no longer talk a number of her daughter's particular needs with the nanny, because of the fact the nanny you may desire to have a number of that information.

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    Normally children stop wearing diapers around 3 years old. Does she have any bladder problems? Maybe consult your doctor and get her something like good nights.

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    It's not abnormal but perhaps it's time that you try to tackle the problem as it's bound to make your daughter feel bad, especially if she's missing out on sleepovers and school trips.

    Your doctor or health visitor should be able to offer some suggestions such as night time alarms, nasal sprays, etc so that your daughter can become dry through the night.

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    It can be. Sometimes kids don't develop full-size bladders, or the necessary muscular control, until they are a bit older. I wet the bed on and off until I was about 12.

    You might see a doctor and see if there is a medical reason for it, but I don't think it is necessarily non-normal, or something that needs to be stopped immediately.

  • 4 years ago

    Yes its very normal! i have known girls that age and older who are bedwetters and they wear diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.Our daughter was 9 when she made her First Holy Communion and her and all the other girls in her class wore cloth diapers and plastic pants under their communion dresses.

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    You should talk to her doctor about it. There are several conditions affecting the kidneys, bladder, and ureter that can cause night time wetting. My friend's daughter was still wetting at 6, and it turned out her ureter was too short, causing "back-flow" into the kidney and making her incontinent until they fixed it surgically! It is really important that you find out the cause. Chances are they is help out there to alleviate this condition, whatever the cause.

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    No, but it's not unheard of. She should see a doctor at this point though. I had problems myself until 2nd grade and I hated everytime I peed the bed I'm sure she hates it too.

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    My cousin still wears pulls up at night he's about that age so I guess it's normal.

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    well it's a bit odd. maybe you should get ger good nights or something or consult her pediatrician.

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