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most critical international issue?

What do you think the most important international issue is that we are facing today? Feel free to be creative.

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    The Global competition for Energy.

    Believe it or not, it may become bloody before long...

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    The fact that we have lost the respect of other nations, because of the actions of the current administration. We used to be the shining light for other countries to follow. Now we not only don't care what other countries think of us, but this administration has been trying to force feed "democracy" I don't see this as any different from "communist aggression" The current administration does not understand that you can not win anyone's freedom for them, they have to win it for themselves. We're also seen as the biggest group of hypocrites that ever walked the planet, because we turn a blind eye to human rights injustices, not only in other countries but in our own as well, if it turns a profit. We've become.under the Bush administration what Russia was during the cold war. America will continue to lose more of our former place in the world and become a third world nation unless we repair the damage Bush/Cheney have done to our credibility.

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    What will we do if Iran gets a nuclear weapon and USES it !!

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