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What do I do if I feel as though I put more into the relationship...?

If I feel as though I put in more than my GF in my relationship? Should I feel like its unfair and break up?


We have been together for 8 months.

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    If your girl doesn't give anything, then you should break it off, if not, don't worry to much. In the words of Du Ya Si "In the process of an relationship we are always the ones giving more than the other person. Hence, the hurt, the jealousy, the happiness, the joy, and all the feelings related with a relationship, we experience twice than the other person. Of course, this means we will be hurt twice over too. experience our feelings. They are all left for us to bear. But its precisely because we have twice the love than others, we have the strength to stand up again after falling down.". In other words, some just give and or contribute to a relationship more than others. If she doesn't give anything to your long relationship, then let her go and don't regret your actions.

    Source(s): Du Ya Si in the Magicians of Love
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    That's kind of a lame way to breakup.. you've been together for awhile now. I guess it depends on the circumstances between you two. What exactly isn't she giving you that you're giving her? Maybe before breaking up with her you should TALK to her and tell her this. Then maybe she'll put forth the effort.

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    amen. talk to the girl . that is what idid

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