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what are her intentions?

Alright, so i was driving home and saw this girl (we're kinda friends, text occasionally) rollar skating around this park we live by, so i waved at her and she just kinda looked at me (turns out she couldn't tell who i was :P).

So when i got home I took my dog for a walk around the park hopefully to see her and ask why she didn't wave back, but she already went inside.

I walked a little ways around the park when i noticed her walking around the sidewalk now with her phone out pretending to text or something and walking kinda fast just to look casual i guess :)

So i played along and slowed up some and played with my phone for a bit and she caught up and we just started talking about how things have been and stuff.

Now im kinda confused if she just wanted to talk to me to try and be better friends or if there is more going on.

TL;DR - Does this girl like me or just want to be friends. And if she likes me more than friends how can i casually allude to asking if she has a bf or not? Thanks :D

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    dont click on the video link my joe d its porn

    anywho, from the info u gave its hard to tell because just becuz shes talking to u doesnt mean she wants to be more than friends, cuz the last time i checked, friends also TALK and get to know one another ..

    so no u cant tell, maybe spend more time with and then we can figure out if she truly likes u.

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    Sounds like a good sign! I would ask her out to a casual thing and see what she says. You don't have to outright ask if she has a boyfriend, if you invite her to something your group of friends is doing, or a movie you want to see, she should tell you if she has a boyf. Good luck!

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    She's most likely interested in you. Ask her something like, "Are you here with your boyfriend?" the next time you see her.

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    Honestly, it sounds to me like she was trying to avoid you

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