Why does it feel so good to get a best answer on yahoo?

I only joined a week ago or so but when I get a best answer it feels so good!

My partner works away so I joined this recently to fill in time. I get a real kick out of helping people and asking questions. I am taking a year out before I start a law degree in Sep 09 so I can spend time with my two boys (who r in bed,the youngest had his night night story, b4 any smartass replies come in!) before the pressure kicks in! I'd like some intelligent answers please, if not intelligent then they better be damn funny ;-)


I agree, no vote answers. They do seem like people taking a hand as opposed to serious questions.

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    It's addictive, answering these questions. Everything Sombra saidis true for me as well, especially the wondering whether some people even return to read the answers to their questions.

    One more reason it feels so good is the email you get saying you got a best answer. The wording on it ("Your answer to the following question really hit the spot and has been chosen as the best answer" and "Go ahead, do your victory dance. Celebrate a little. Brag a little. Then come back and answer a few more questions!") made me feel so special and important the first few times I got a best answer. And the picture of the woman on the sofa with the laptop cheering with her hands in the air and her feet stuck out still makes me smile!

    The most rewarding part of getting best answer is the thank-you comment some people write. Appreciation is wonderful, and for some people, the answers have been critically important. It's great to be able to help that way.

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    It's like winning a prize!

    After awhile (a short while, actually), the novelty of getting BA wears off, especially on questions that go to voting, meaning the asker never bothered to choose his/her own Best Answer. Sometimes I wonder if those people even return to their questions to READ their answers.

    Getting a Best Answer from voters doesn't mean much to me because often people simply vote for the FIRST answer that shows up. They only vote to get more points, and as often as not, the Best Answer chosen by voters is NOT actually the best response to the question asked.

    But it always makes me happy to get a Best Answer from someone who was actually HELPED by my answer. That's what this site is for.

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    It's nice how many wonderful people that do help you.

    You sought through the rubbish, ignore the people that are rude.

    Their are so many wonderful people out their that give their time to help you.i do this in return. I answer as honestly as I can or give my knowledge. Hoping it well help, someone.

    I just love helping people

  • cathy
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    1 decade ago

    Validation. Somebody thinks you're smart. Now if someone will just tell my teenagers that, I'd appreciate it.

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    Well to me Ehh, kinda good.

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