Do you have any 4 person skits for my 13 birthday party?

Ok, so I am inviting 3 friends over for my birthday party. If this gives you ideas for a skit, it is a spa party. That's the theme. We need a longer skit for 4 people to do for my parents and sisters. It would also help if you have any tips for the skit or writing one! Thanks!

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  • Liz
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    1 decade ago
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    You and your 3 friends 10 years from now at your 23 party or in 20 years at your 33rd, you are graduated, working

    1 of you is married with 3 kids, one of you is VERY rich and famous and hangs out with movie stars, one of you is moping about going from man to man and one of you is like very skittery, everytime someone talks to them they freak and rant.

    Or something along those lines. Making your lives going on in different directions but something always brings you back for this party.

    Or you could have a few minutes of each set where you are 23, then 33 then 43

    And at the table you could just change the dates

    November 2008, November 2018, November 2028 or when y'all are like 90 and it could be November 2088 or something.

  • vowels
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    4 years ago

    4 Person Skits

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