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Racing in Japan -VS- United States?

Will horses have trouble getting their footing when racing in Japan....I noticed that they run around the track in a different direction...will horses running here in the states have more trouble turning right rather than left like they do here in the united this direction change hard for a horse to do...or do they just fall right into it...?

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    Yeah, it is all about the lead change. Generally speaking, most horses have a stronger drive when on the right lead, but they are extremely adaptable creatures. They will pick it up quickly

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    It actually depends on the horse, some handle it really well and some don't. The ones that don't keep changing their lead leg, which just causes interference and stuff like that.

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    They just lead with a different leg. They pick it up after a few goes.

    Not all of Japans tracks run clockwise however, most run ant-clockwise.

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    well like someone said not all tracks in japan are set up the same , tokyo niigata and chukyo ar lefthanded while nakayama , kyoto and hanshin are right so it depends.

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