how do i do w^2/w^6 please show hopelessly confused?

and this one too its real tough....xy^8 z^2/x^2 y^9 z.....and a^10 b^2/ a^4 b^9...please help...not home work just a review sheet and i want tolearn this...i hate algebra but i listen in class and everything but i dont catch on average is a 56 and my parents have completely lost and my career choice is to become an i ned to pass algebra please help

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    When dividing exponenets with the same base, just subtract the denominator exponent from the numerator exponent. If it ends up as a negative exponent, just move it to the denominator to make it positive. If the result is a positive exponent, keep it in the numerator.

    w^2 / w^6 (subtract 6 from 2, which is -4; since it is negative, move it to the denominator)

    1/(w^4) <===ANSWER

    (xy^8z^2)/(x^2y^9z) (subtract 2 from 1 for x, 9 from 8 for y, and 1 from 2 for z)

    z/(xy) <===ANSWER


    a^6 / b^7 <===ANSWER

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    For w^2/w^6, you simply have to do: w^(2-6) = w^(-4) = 1/(w^4).

    (x y^8 z^2) / (x^2 y^9 z)

    = x^(1-2) y^(8-9) z^(2-1)

    = x^(-1) y^(-1) z

    = z / (xy)

    (a^10 b^2) / (a^4 b^9)

    = a^(10-4) b^(2-9)

    = a^6 b^(-7)

    = a^6 / b^7

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    w^2/ w^6 = 1/ w^4

    x y^8 z^2/ x^2 y^9 z = z/ xy

    a^10 b^2/ a^4 b^9 = a^6/ b^7

    when dividing exponents you subtract them and whatever the difference is between them whether it's positive or negative you make the exponent positive where it was larger

  • w^2/w^6 is equal to w^2(w^-6), so it means that it's equal to w^-4, which is basically 1/w^4...:)

    xy^8 z^2/x^2 y^9 z is equal to xy^8 x^2 (x^-2 y^-9 z^-1), so it means that it's equal to x^-1 y^-1 z^-1, which is basically 1/xyz...:)

    and a^10 b^2/ a^4 b^9 is equal to and a^10 b^2 (a^-4 b^-9), so it means that it's equal to a^6 b^-7, which is basically a^6/b^7....:)

    Hope it helps

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