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Why is it not considered discrimination to have a women's only fitness club, but there are none just for men?


Sugar Bear, drop the sarcasm--I'm just inquiring. You sound bitter.

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    Curves (for example) is a private business and chooses to specialize in womens fitness. Let's face it, womens health is different from men's health - kinda like why men don't see a gynecologist - it's not meant for them.

    It is also supposed to be a womens environment, kinda like a locker room.

    Businesses has discretion to decide who it will or will not serve. It isn't prejudice because they aren't picking on a few men, its ALL men.

    And even some women are declined. My boyfriends mother was declined from Curves due to her injuries (could be a liability)

    It isn't discrimination because there is just cause.

    They would not accept her due to possible liabilities - not because of race.

    They won't accept men because they have set up a environment for women only.

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    There are, but they aren't as popular. A lot of men are looking at the w omen, who don't want to be bothered if they go to a women only club. A lot of these women are married, engaged or in monogamous relationships and don't want to hear cheesy comments from horny, sweaty men, right?

    Also these women places are set up more for women's workout. A lot of aerobic classes, yoga, and such.

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    Reverse discrimination. The August gold club girl up there raises a good point though.

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    There are but I know of some mens only clubs that were sued and they had to start letting women in. Go figure

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    It is. Just not a big issue. Similar to when bars charge cover for men, but the ladies get to enter free of charge.

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    No one has started one just for men. Why don't you start one and then you can stop bi*ching

    How about the descrimination of not letting women in the Augusta Golf club, but they play a professional tournament there. that doesn't seem fair to me.

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    Mens' things have pretty much disappeared over the years. I particularly miss the mens' pool where we never wore swim suits 'til the ladies came to share it with us.

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    Maybe females workout better without masculinity surrounding them. I don't think it's discriminatory.

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    So sue them. When it bugs someone enough( WHO for goodness sake??) then they can sue and I'm sure we'll see DROVES of men just rushing to Curves since then they can FINALLY get in!

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    there are men only fitness clubs.

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