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Best places to visit in America?

What do you think are the best places to visit/go on vacation are in America? My mom and I are planning on going on vacation Dec. 6th, but we can't decide where to...any suggestions?

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    Boston is a great city to visit. If you go there don't forget to visit the "Old North Church", Uss Constitution "Old Ironsides" she's the oldest commissioned ship in the U.S. Navy. I served aboard her for 2 years before i retired.

    Just so much stuff in boston to see, JFK presidential library is there as well.

    The Nations Capitol Washington, D.C. Lot's of things to see in Washington. The smithsonian institute, congressional library, Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, The White House, Fords Theatre (Lincoln was assassinated there), just lot's of stuff there.

    Within 60-125 miles of Washington you can see all kinds of Historical Stuff. Gettysburg battlefield, Antietam Battlefield Appomattox these latter 3 are all civil war sights. There's also Mount Vernon Where president Washington lived and is buried That estate is absolutely great.

    All of the Above are on the East Coast.

    In Heartland of America There isn't alot to see this time of year.

    In the Western States. The grand canyon, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe & Sun Valley, San Francisco & Fishermans Warff.

    Canyonlands in Utah with all those beautiful arches, and the ski resorts in the northern part of Utah have snow and many are open already also in Utah are alot of Mormon sights like temple square and the newly refurbished state capital bldg.

    Oregon has lots of beautiful mountains. Crater Lake, Mt. Hood. In Washington State in seattle is the space needle with a great museum on the grounds.

    Just depends on how you are going to travel to see the country. There is so much to see it can't be done righteously unless you take a year long road trip.

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    It really depends on the type of things you like to do and how much time and money you have. The USA is so full of wonderful places to go, things to see, activities to do. Personally, I love the beaches. This time of the year, that is only an option for southern California, Florida or Hawaii. If you are interested in a beach, visit Culebra Island off or the main island of Puerto Rico.

    Language is not a problem... especially on Culebra Island itself.

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    Glacier national Park, Montana super Basin national Park, NV greater Peninsula, Michigan Flagstaff, Arizona Wind Caves, South Dakota it is the numerous hundreds of places to sightsee and adventure. united statesa. has the numerous perfect land interior the international, many people listed right here are too short-sighted to observe it from their figuring out to purchase department shops. take earnings of it earlier it has a value tag positioned on it and that's offered and developed!

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    If you love the outdoors - you cant' beat kayaking in the Ozarks

    D.C. is the best for a history junkie like me

    Colorado is just awesome - you can spend an entire week exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, it's just beautiful

    If you're into drama, hit NYC and Broadway

    The city with the mildest average weather in the U.S. is San Diego

    Have fun!!!

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    go to New York City, Madison Square Garden,or Orlando Florida or Las Vegas Nevada.

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    new york, plenty of things to do. washington dc, politics and museums and such. california, pretty beaches, warmer weather (well not in the mountains) and cool culture. at least northern. (san francisco, etc) also if you're looking for state parks and things then yosemite, yellowstone, tetons, and glacier are all really pretty but will be really cold! Have a good trip!

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    Boston-best city in the worldd =]

    And don't forget to check out Legal Seafoods, a little pricey, but I'll never eat another lobster not from Boston again.

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    It depends on what you are looking for in a vacation.

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