what do you women want?

Ladies, you've always been confusing to us guys, so plain and simple. What do you like out of a guy, first date, family jewels sizes, personality? You all seem so different so what is the general want from you out of a guy???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i like a cute guy. that doesn't generally mean he has to be hot, but when i see him i think "aww..." i personally love hair and eyes, and sometimes those square jaws. but that is a quality most men have anyway.

    first date?: every girl is different, but me, i would love to go to an arcade. i want my first date to be memorable and fun. going to the movies is too overused.

    family jewel sizes?: i don't even know what that means. but i love a guy who respects and has a close relationship with his parents, or at least somewhat close.

    personality?: funny, outgoing, like videogames, and a challenge from a girl when it comes to games, is good at conversation and is just plain adorable!

    well that is at least me anyway. different men for different girls.

  • 1 decade ago

    every girl wants difrent personalitys, traits, really depends on the girl; like what type of person she is

    first date- romantic, maby first kiss depends the type of girl, cuddles, allways wrap your arms around her but not to clingly

    personality- sweet, careing.



    lovee xx

  • 1 decade ago

    Most times it's not about material things..it's about time and just being heard. I think guys have this idea that when we complain we want you to fix everything. Sometimes we just want someone to listen and not fix, just listen to our vents and tell us things are going to be okay.

  • 1 decade ago

    really, i would want a guy that knows how to take care of themselves; try to look good. but really, its really abt how we connect. and what he likes to do. and him taking me out on a date once in a whilewouldn'tt be so bad.

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