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Guys: What do you think of a girl that....?(14-19 only please.)?

takes birth control at 16?

-do you think it's slutty or safe?

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    It's definitely 100% safe. I don't exactly see how it could be considered slutty. I think it's kind of wrong to automatically associate birth control with sex. It can be taken for other reasons other than to just prevent a pregnancy. It can be used for hormonal issues, depression and anxiety in women. It's not just to prevent pregnancy. Don't associate birth control with sex, it's just medication that can be taken to help prevent something brought about by.. well.. sex.

    Not slutty at all. Hope that helped :D

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    Safe. Never let any other social reasons keep you from preventing unnecessary risks. Ever.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ...some girls take it because they have uneven periods...

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