if you have SATTELLITE INTERNET please help me..?

I want satellite internet through directv but I live in an apartment and can only have the regular dish that comes with tv service.. which I have..

To get internet through them can I do it with my regular dish or does it have to be another HUGE dish?


PS.. I would call them but Im always at work and do not have time to wait on hold.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It will require another dish. It's not really all that huge, though it is slightly larger than then a standard satellite TV dish.

    Satellite Internet is only appropriate if you absolutely cannot get cable or DSL Internet. It is vastly inferior to these technologies, but way better than dial up.

  • another .74 meter dish minimum.

    and where you are it will be a trick since you are aiming at a satelite over texas.

    it can only be installed by Directv personell.

    Just remember that durng the Rainy season you will not have any internet.

    Just like you Sat TV.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think if you upgraded by calling them, you could get internet by the same dish, we run our internet through phone, but yeah, when u get the chance, try calling!

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