how to ask a boy out?

this boy asked me out a while ago and i said i wasnt ready, but now i realize how much i want him in my life, his birthday is coming up, and i need ideas on how to ask him!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    You: Hey remember when you asked me out and I said I wasn't ready?

    Boy: Yeah

    You: Well, I'm ready now.


    You: OK then. Movie this friday at 8. See you then :)

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    make him a cupcake saying happy birthday then hide a small note in the middle asking him to go out with you. Give it to him when he is at school or something but stick around to make sure he actually gets the not and doesn't eat it lol

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    1 decade ago

    first know if he has a girlfriend

    if no, then just ask him to see a movie or eat or something...something you don't think that much when you do it

    i would suggest gifts or making a cake or w/e that other people i know do and write stuff on it, but thats just pressure and makes them in a bad spot, and makes them look bad if they say no

    ask him when your alone not in a party or w/e

    if you really want him...and don't realy care about him....then u can do that...but then no offencebut then your just being mean, and i would hope your not like that

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    1 decade ago

    well you can't do it with ppl around bc it might be awkward

    1)u could give him a gift and inside u could have a paper as the gift that says would u go out with me

    2)give him a gift but instead the card says it

    3)or u could say something like "so wanna hang out together sometime"

    stuff like that

    good luck!!! :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok ok calm down we will figure this out! ok try to get him when he is alone, and jsut ask, it isnt that hard and it actually relieves some anxiety and if he likes you then VIOLA! dont worry i think it will work out just fine!!!! and get him something for his b-day.... OH and if you cant get him alone, ask him when you give him his present. or maybe you could do that fun little secret admirer thing and leave just enough hints that is leads him right back to your feet then ask him out! i think that would be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok but dont worry!! email me at and tell me how it goes, if you want too!

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    Get close to him if you are not. Hang out a few times and then when you feel close to him, tell him. Do it in person, that is the best way to show him you really mean it. Just pull him aside at one point and tell him that you like him and ask him then!

  • Frogg
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    1 decade ago

    step 1: find the guy

    step 2: smile warmly

    step 3: say "hey wanna go out with me?"

    step 4: wait for answer

  • Eh...

    dammit i'm not sure xD

    I'd be completely open about it.

    Just straight out ask him out.

    *repeats that a few times*

    damn that sounds weird 0.o

    Get him a perty gift, and leave very tiny hints that you still like him before. Like smile at him a little, possibly call him ignorant xD

    ((srry, the ignorant thing worked for me...I screamed at him "YOU IGNORANT BASTARD! DAMN YOU!" and he asked me out a few days later xD))

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    1 decade ago

    Just ask! Guys love it when the girl asks them out! I say go for it!

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    well hopefully you didnt hurt him enough that he moved, hopefully he stayed true and he still would like to be with you.....but to be honest, the girl i liked askin me out on my bday would be the best present i could ever ask for. maybe hang out with him, do something fun, and top the night off saying that your ready and take it to the next level.

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